The Quantum Woman....

My life was turned upside down. 
I was an Attorney who didn’t know she even had a soul to now a leading Spiritual Teacher in the Conscious Community.
It all started one day during a yoga class where I had the most profound awakening moments of my life. Watch this short Video here to hear all about it.
Then the changes all started….everything I knew to be true was being shattered. It was unraveling before my eyes. The life I had created was no longer one I could even identify with.
Yet there were these little moments that were happening that gave me joy. I would see 11:11 all over all of the time. Little did I know that number would be the key to unlocking my Alchemy Soul Codes.
More and more signs were speaking to me. Calling me to rise for the real reason I incarnated into this lifetime. The question was, would I answer the calling because many get called to awaken but only a few do.
You see they call them Angel numbers for a reason. They are your guides, yes we all have guides that are here to assist us. And once they see you are noticing the signs, they start showing you more and more. And once you see them you cannot unsee them.

I had no idea I was experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, but I was.

I started seeing so many signs, repeatedly almost screaming out to me. Answering questions, I was desperately seeking clarity on. Even as I got the signs, I was still doubting everything I was seeing because that is what I did. I was so in my human, my ‘ego’ they call it. I don’t hate the ego. I have a deeper meaning for it and my Spiritual Journey has taught me that we all need some level of ego. We came here for the human experience and the ego provides it. 
But if we fight or resist our awakening, we get more hard lessons to learn in life. We repeat patterns not in alignment with our Alchemy soul codes. Life becomes harder and we get more stuck in our human experience and we do not shift our consciousness to higher realms.

I personally had to finally surrender to the process. I was now awakening and I could not go back to sleep again.
When we start awakening, we start having that deep shift in consciousness.

What does that mean?

We start to see things in ways we never have before. It is a knowing of ourselves. We start to see and feel parts of ourselves we never really knew existed. We get clarity on messages we never would never be able to receive with our previous mindset.
We become more psychic and we just know things. We end up in places we don’t know how we ended up there but it was the exact moment in time we needed to be there.
We get downloads, start channeling and saying things we have no idea where they came from.
The floodgates of magic wash over us like a waterfall.
Where has this magic been all my life?
Thoughts pop into our heads that tell us thing we aren’t even sure where they came from.
Then there are the dark nights of the soul where we are facing truths about our own existence we have never felt before. It feels like death. We are experiencing the healing our human (ego) needs for us to awaken even more.
When you start awakening there is no handbook to say here this is the steps you need to take.
Lucky for you, I want to bring you on a journey to assist you on your Awakening. I want to teach you how An Attorney who didn’t know she had a soul could awaken to this magical world and build a deep connection to spirit. My spiritual gifts have assisted me in building an almost 7 figure business (yes we get to be spiritual and wealthy). I create so much of my reality with my woo. I no longer hustle to make things happen like I did before my awakening. I know how to play in the Quantum Field and I want to bring you with me.

The Quantum Woman -Awakens
a 7 day program is for the woman who is ready to uncover parts of her she knows is rising from within. She is ready to unlock her spiritual gifts.
She is seeking more clarity on what to do with her gifts and her purpose.
She wants to know how to use different spiritual modalities to tap in further to her awakening process.
She is excited to explore the more woowoo part of her.
She is basically ready to come out of the spiritual closet in a safe container.
Being an Attorney and seeing all the signs happening I doubted so much. I had to learn to surrender to the process. I had to learn to sit my ass down as I heard from Spirit several times and not rush the process. This wasn’t something I had to do it was something I was becoming.
Many will see the signs but it stops there. They won’t do anything about it. They won’t take those next steps because as much as drinking green juice, doing yoga, burning some sage, buying some crystals and bathing in essential oil and wearing Spiritual Gangster apparel might make one thing she is “Spiritually Awakened” that is not how this level of consciousness works. That is what the human (ego) searches for.
I am inviting the woman who know she is ready for a deeper meaning into her life. She is ready to unlock her own Alchemy Soul Codes that are going to bring her to a deeper knowing and higher-level consciousness. She is ready to become The Quantum Woman. A woman who knows her existence is ever present in the Field. That time space reality is all happening now for her.
She is ready to collapse time around her healing and success.
She is ready to tap into the gifts she incarnated into this life to experience and enjoy.

During these next 7 days together you will:
Understand what your personal signs and messaging means.
Have a clearer understanding about your connection to your higher self and your guides.
How to tap into your intuition and activate your psychic gifts.
You will learn how to meditate and incorporate breath work into your daily practices.
You will learn how to use spiritual tools in your everyday life and business to amplify your gifts. I will show you exactly how to use your Pendulum and Tarot Decks.
You will learn what fun spiritual tools are necessary to have when you are starting this Spiritual Journey.
You will learn about your past lives and how they affect this life
You will learn how to tap into the Quantum Field to create the life you desire.
You will experience a deep shift in your consciousness.
You will have a greater understanding of yourself and why you do the thing you do.
You will learn to leave the mask (ego) self behind so your soul spirit can rise and lead you.

This program is not for you:
If you don’t want more clarity in your life.
If you want to have life happening to you and not for you.
If you are not ready to explore the magical gifts within you.
IF you want to live in denial and stay stuck forever.
IF you are not open to seeing the signs and tapping into the Quantum Field.
If you don’t want to trust your intuition.
If you like doubting yourself.
If you like to keep overthinking.
If you want to be average.
If you are not ready to do the work.
If you are ready to tap into that divine guidance and deepen your spiritual connection with yourself this program is for you. IF you are ready to awaken to even more miracles and unexplainable synchronicity in your life, this is for you. You want to expand your consciousness and tap deeper into the unknown truths within you, this is for you.

This is the first time I am offering this program a 90% discount. All of my programs are $1,111 or more. This the one and only time it will be at this pricing.
This will be a life changing experience for the woman who is ready to become the Quantum Woman.
Hurry this price is only good for the next 24 hours!
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