From a very young age we've been told that good girls don't cry.
We've been told to stop our emotions and to toughen up.

Constantly measured against men - we are told we can do anything and be anything, and that in order to get ahead we have to work even harder.

We've never actually been taught that feeling is a good thing. And that in fact, as women, it is one of our biggest superpowers. Instead we are taught to give, give and give and to the point where this is what we have been wired to do.
The most basic thing we've never been taught is
 how to RECEIVE!
And that in order for you to receive,
you NEED to FEEL.

As women our inherent ability is to nurture.
We give to everyone else, do for everyone else and naturally tend to put ourselves last.
There is so much more to this great energy within you and I feel that you know there has to be a part of this which is true and better than our habitual instinct to always do more, more and more.

I know have achieved many successes but somehow many things feel like they're missing - still.
It feels like what you are doing just never reaches the point to where it is enough.

You have a hard time celebrating your wins, I know this feeling all too well. It always feels like you should have done better.

You even have a hard time accepting compliments.

You aren’t able to ask for help because it's ingrained within you to be a sign that you are weak and unable to take care of yourself. Plus, you don’t want to owe anyone anything.

You are tired of always trying to make it work — to always do what is expected of you.
You are so tired of giving to everyone else. Feeling resentment to others.
You are tired of doing all the strategy things to try to get clients and make money.

I have discovered that the only way this gets to change is when lean back and into your feminine - RECEIVING the wealth you know is waiting for you.

I tell all my clients that the RECEIVING only happens when we LEAN BACK into the FEMININE. 
First question is HOW? 
 How do I believe in something my mind has no evidence or proof of?
How do I stay in the magic? 
How do I trust? 
When will this start to work?
The biggest obstacle is to actually initiate the healing  process from what has been making you create this dominant masculine persona that is blocking you to receive. The over masculine behaviour. 

What you really desire is to feel safe, seen and validated. This is so important and will bring you to the discovery that it isn’t necessary for you to do in the masculine - which never feels complete - while it is completely possible in the feminine.

In HEAL to RECEIVE I will give you some simple steps to take which rewire your belief system so you can lean back and trust the process but in order to even be open to that, you need to surrender to what is possible - not lingering around or continuing to stay in what already is not working for you.
What if I told you that you can feel safe to trust and allow the feminine energy in.
It doesn’t have to be hustle-hard effort all the time. It CAN be easy, in flow, fun and pleasurable all at the same time.

You will get an action plan to move out of the DOing energy and into the BEing energy.
Allowing yourself to BE, will open up to all the abundance you have been pushing away from yourself, and which is rightfully yours to have!
In order to RECEIVE, you will need to HEAL.
- Heal what is blocking you from opening your heart to the overflow of love.
- Heal the reason WHY you aren’t able to trust your feminine.
- Heal the disconnection with your heart and wanting to control all aspects of your life.

It gets to be SO MUCH EASIER than what you have been doing all this time and that's essentially gotten you nowhere close to where you know you were always meant to be.


Whatever success you are experiencing now will double, and at so much ease.
You don’t have to do this alone pushing to keep figuring out why what you're doing hasn't been bringing you your desired results.
If you were given the help, the tools and the strategies, what is stopping you from going all-in to receive the guidance you need?

Are you willing, open and ready to receive?
It gets to starts right HERE.
In HEAL to RECEIVE you will learn:
- The difference between being in your masculine and feminine
- How to use BOTH energies to attract your desired results.
- Learn how to heal and open your heart.
- Learn what it means to embody the feminine.
- Learn how to lean back into your receiving mode.
- Learn steps to trust yourself.
- Learn how to magnetise the incoming of clients and wealth to you while being in your feminine.
- Learn how to stop doing the MOST and allow

Heal to Receive is for the woman who:
- Is ready to drop solely being in her masculine energy. 
- Ready to BE more than DO more. 
- Ready to allow more wealth into your life.
-Ready to become a magnet to their ideal men (or women), and clients.
-Who desire to learn how to play in the unknown and let go of the how.
-Desire to heal what is in the way of truly allowing the guard down.

Because you are tired of being a perfectionist
You are tired of being a people pleaser
You are done caring what people think.
You are ready to break the pattern.

You are open and ready for others to do for you.
You are ready to heal to receive.

Who this program not for?
A woman who loves overthinking
A woman who likes to do everything the hard way
A woman who isn’t open to expanding her life
A woman who isn’t ready to receive help
A woman who is doing bad all bad herself.

What is included:
- Access to an Exclusive Private Facebook Group to access the pre-recorded training
- A community of women who are on the journey to heal their receiving mode

 If you are ready to start receiving everything you desire, this is the program for you!

This program is non-refundable. All sales are final.

Hear from the women who knew they needed this program to bring a change into their world:

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