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A Special Invitation From Shamina!

Dear Friends,
 I used to be one of those people...

I had all the things you were supposed to. And from the outside looking in, I appeared to “have it all” living my “dream life.”

I had the perfect partner, the amazing kids, the powerful career, the gorgeous house, the designer clothes, the luxury cars, the lavish vacations.

But inside I’d buried years of suffering.

Maybe you’re one of these people too. The world sees you as a fresh-faced, flawless, do-it-all woman.

But inside, the call of the life you really want is calling to you louder and louder and you can't ignore it anymore.

It wasn’t until I found myself in my third-ever yoga class, breathing my way through Frog Pose, realising the perfect life I had created was missing one essential element. Real soul happiness with myself. 

This began my awakening and I couldn't go back to where I was before. As fresh prince says my life got turned upside down. I couldn't un-see what I had just witnessed. For the first time I was feeling deeply a calling coming from me.
This led me on a journey to find out who I really am and started my journey to healing my human and awakening my soul self. 

And to do that, I had to leave the life I’d built behind. To start all over again.

I spent years immersed in my own healing, practicing different spiritual modalities, taking courses, attending workshops, writing, reading books, and evolving every day. 

I peeled back countless layers before uncovering my true, authentic, aligned self.
I discovered WHY I was called from the law to do this work. 

I had to share my message and the wisdoms I had learned. I finally felt I was living my purpose work and truth. Following my soul calling has led me to help impact the lives of thousands of women and helped me create a 7 -Figure business in less than 12 months.

What I spent YEARS learning, you can awaken and expand on in less than 2 months.

That suffering you’ve been burying for years, that soul purpose you’ve let lie dormant, that transformation that’s calling out to you from the depths of your being, the wealth you know you are meant to have, the power you know you need to step into…

We are in charge of creating our reality. 

It’s all here, in Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery.

To your Quantum Success,
Shamina Taylor

Hear From Women Who Immersed Themselves Into Their Emotional Self-Mastery!

Here's What You Will Be Receiving!

 1. Emotional Self-Mastery Program

YOU will be joining Shamina Taylor on 16 recorded modules as she guides you into the realm of the Quantum.
Modules Include: ​Getting Clear on your Desires, Overcoming Resistance to Receiving,
Understanding Emotional Shield/Amor & Emotional Tiggers, 
Healing Childhood Trauma and so much more!

2. Quantum Guided Meditation Series

A one-of-a-kind meditation series (including a POWERFUL meditation designed to heal childhood wounds). Women all over the world have said that they have gotten more results with my meditations than years of therapy. They are that activating. These mediations are activations and energy clearings that physically help you move through old stuck emotional energy that is blocking your manifestations and help you set intentions for new beginnings.

3. LIVE Q and A Sessions 

Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions LIVE in order to help you have maximum clarity and support throughout the program, learn directly from one of our Quantum Coaches who have gone through the program several time and have been trained and mentored by me to help you answer your questions during he Q and A's, to help magnify the work you’re doing. You will also have access to a database of previously recorded Q and A trainings.

4. Private Portal to Access over 20+ hours of Videos

16 Modules Pre-recorded modules detailing the step by step process. Including workbooks on specific modules.

5. A BONUS PROGRAM - The Money Surge: Portal For Cash (VALUED AT $2,222!)

A highly activating masterclass that induces a surge of cash into your life and business. Contains specific tools and guidelines needed to follow, to hold the frequency and magnetism for a constant influx of cash.


  • ​12 Week Access to Complete 16 Recorded Modules With 20+ Hours of Video on Soul-Altering Meditations = Valued at $5,555
  • Shamina's Next-Level Heart-Centred Journaling Technique = Valued at $1,000
  • A Bonus Program: The Money Surge Portal For Cash = Valued at $2,222
  • ​​Nearly $500 in Savings When Buying The Early-Bird Access

Total Value = $11,332
Regular Price = $2,222


 Claim your wealth in all aspects of your life
Step into your power to receive more freely from the Universe
 Join a community of women committed to doing the inner work necessary to reflect their outward successes in life

Then Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery was designed with YOU in mind. Whether you’re ready to up-level your business or transform your career, access unlimited abundance or attract the love of your life, Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery will help you get there. If you’ve been struggling to…
  • ​Heal childhood wounds that have you stuck in unhealthy, self-defeating patterns
  • ​Release yourself from a mindset that builds walls between you and the people you care about
  • ​Find freedom from any lingering people-pleasing habits that don’t serve your highest purpose
  • ​Master your emotions and up-level your energetic vibration to attract everything you desire
  • Live from the power of your feminine energy and 10X your goals without burning yourself out.
  • ​Unlock the keys to all the wealth, partnership, love, and business success you desire​
  • ​Master the art of receiving
  • ​POWERFULLY communicate with yourself and others.
  • ​​ASK and RECEIVE what you truly desire.
  • ​Attract your ideal clients and tribe members into your life.
…and so much more. It can all change for you, RIGHT NOW.

All you have to do is say yes to collapsing time from who you are today to who you know you desire to be. When we do this we become the The Quantum Woman (™) who can now access her desires faster than ever before..

This Program Creates So Much Impact!

Here are some more stories from women who went all-in on their emotional self-mastery.

“I am in her All Access Mastermind and still learning so much about the online business life, healing myself, doing the inner work, letting go of old self limiting beliefs, learning to become aware of my emotions, feeling them and clearing them, and learning to sit with my stuff and I’ve learned about my healing gifts and how to access my power within!”

- Chantelle

Are you ready to start Quantum Leaping!
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