P.S. If you’ve ever been in toxic cycle, narcissistic relationship, experienced high-impacting trauma - this is the program to take

P.S. If you’ve ever been in toxic cycle, narcissistic relationship, experienced high-impacting trauma - this is the program to take


When you've experienced a level of trauma or endured a cycle of abuse you're undeniably moved into a state where reliving or protecting yourself from it all becomes your dominant state of being.

Being in survival mode.

Being in survival mode becomes how we keep ourselves safe. But more often than not it hides away so many layers to who we are and what we have the potential to attract into our lives because essentially it's blocking who we are authentically from ourselves, our relationships with others, our businesses - how we show up in the world.

If you're dealing with a narcissist or find yourself in an abusive cycle, or maybe you've removed yourself from it yet there's still work to be done around it to help you break away from the beliefs that came with that affecting your life and business, this program is for you!


Chances are you're probably making money and it just pouring out like a tap because it goes away so fast. You might even feel that you can't keep money in your life. You don't feel safe with it not being there. It's probably making you feel like you have no control or power over it. 

I have been in survival mode for so many years of my life and I have turned so much of that around and ended up creating the life of my dreams. Through the work that I've done, I've uncovered something unique that I know has the power to help you too. It's helped so many of the women who come to work with me - working through very high-impacting life experiences too.

But I discovered that whenever I did this work I activated something...

And that was more money came my way every single time. More of what I wanted came to me every time - without even having to ask for it. This is why I am the best expert to take you through this journey!


And they are all designed to help you re-form your identity, your beliefs, and your experiences
around how this ties into your money!

Just like the relationships we have with people, money is the same. More often that not we endure relationships that leave us feeling like we're being taken advantage of, like we're allowing something that we don't really want.

This has a direct correlation to your money mindset because safety is a masculine energy and so is money because we really just want to feel safe having money and knowing that it's there for us.

But if our beliefs are always around limitations, people pleasing, scarcity, feeling more like a victim than anything else - I can almost guarantee you that you feel the same way about money coming in and out of your life.


Through Activated Money Flow I will be taking you through multiple stages where you start taking back your personal power in life, relationships and business!


  • Powerful Money Mindset
  • ​Are You In Scarcity Or Abundant Thinking
  • ​How Toxic Relationships Affect Your Money Flow
  • ​Daily Money Flow Practices
  • ​Moving From Victim To Self-Accountability Mindset
  • ​Journaling Prompts
  • Breaking The Cycle
  • ​Identify Dominant Victim Thought Patterns 
  • ​Where To Create More Money Flow
  • ​Underlying Or Remaining Resistances 
  • ​Alignment
  • ​Celebration



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The Evolved Alpha Female comes with a private Facebook Community, Portal Program Access, and modules that cover:

Difference Between Masculine And Feminine Energy
The Beauty of Having Balanced Energy 
The Wounded Masculine And The Wounded Feminine And What They Are
Resorting to The Masculine And How it Has Kept You Safe 
Work Through Trauma And High-Impacting Life Events
Self Preservation
Walls And Armour
How to Identify “Is This ME?”
 How to Identify The Narratives That Keep Us Stuck


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Once I understood the masculine and feminine when it came to men and money. Everything changed in my life and business. There’s a deep correlation. And I am going to break down this process for you.

When you have a sense of fulfillment and wholeness within you don’t need to chase. Your consciousness around wealth is unlocked. And this is through your feminine energy. Which requires shifting into a new state of being. I would love to guide you through this experience so that you can own your power and tap into always being an unapologetic feminine force in the world.

Much love,

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