Blow Up Your Business 
 Using Challenges

with Shamina Taylor

Blow Up Your Business 
 Using Challenges

with Shamina Taylor


Challenges have helped me create
$1.4 Million in cash
in my business in less than a year and half. I want to help you get extraordinary results doing challenges the Quantum Woman way.

I have figured out a specific unique way (after much trial and error) to use Challenges in my business. A way other pro’s who teach this are missing. This isn’t a cookie cutter strategy, as you will learn what to CREATE for you and your ideal client that will propel your business to it’s next evolution.
If you are tired of launching and not having the sales you really want, then it is time to implement a new improved way to do challenges.


Quantum Challenges


It is a comprehensive program that is going to help you CRUSH your launches in the most aligned way helping you make the sales, impact and money you desire.

Help you create a source of lead generation in your business. Help you reach more ideal clients.

You will get super clear on your message, offer, and avatar and what to sell and when. When you get this nailed, you will then attract ideal clients one after another.

Learn how to utilize your Facebook group to create an engaged community that you can connect to and nurture into paid clients (we will cover pop up groups).

Learn specific strategies on how many days to launch based on your specific avatar and the price point of your offer.

How to bring your ideal clients into your group and increase the show up rate of ideal clients to your launches.

How to create an opt in and start building you email list filled you’re your ideal clients with launches.

Learn what energies you need to be in for a challenge which leads to more sales.
Organic methods to fill your challenge. We will touch on Facebook ads and the benefits of it.

You will learn the mindset needed to have a successful challenge.
You will learn how to connect to the ideal amount you want to make in a challenge.
Learn to create your own challenge system so that you can rinse and repeat it over and over again.

Quantum Challenges is an 8 module pre-recorded program to use for self-study.


 You are an expert in what you do!
You want to grow your impact and reach online to bring in more qualified buyers into your community.

  You are ready to scale.

  You are ready to fully show up and claim your space in your industry.

  You are ready to make a lot of money doing what you love.

  You are ready to get your product, offer, message out into the world in a big way and create a community of people who are invested in what you are bringing to the world.


  You are an information seeker and not an action taker.

  You keep blaming others for why you don’t have the success you are seeking.

  You complain a lot.

  You are not ready to do the work and implement the strategies.

With only a small investment, learn a strategy that has the potential to bring in multiple six figures into your business on repeat for an




If you can do it now, don’t do it other day.

 Take the action now and see your business thriving more than you can imagine.

 Here for you always,


If you can do it now, don’t do it other day.

 Take the action now and see your business thriving more than you can imagine.

 Here for you always,